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“On February 29, Lady Gaga officially launched the Born This Way Foundation, focusing on empowering youth and standing up against bullying, at Harvard University. On the same day, a Harvard University student organization called Their Day in the Yard staged a rally in order to bring attention to the historical injustices brought against gay students in the 1920s, known popularly as Harvard’s ‘secret court.'”

Supporters: thank you for helping to shed light on the Harvard Secret Court.

Hopefully next year Harvard will officially abolish the Secret Court, expunge the student records and grant the seven expelled students posthumous honorary degrees.

We also hope that Harvard will conduct an official inquiry into the work of the court. We received an email from a person whose grandfather left Harvard abruptly weeks before graduation in 1926. He was a good student. He suspects the Secret Court may have been involved. It’s important for family members to know the truth and for Harvard to correct the historical records of the students that they harmed in the past.