Harvard BGLTQ Office Opening

We are happy to hear that Harvard has opened a BGLTQ office. Unfortunately, we were disheartened with how the Secret Court was used at its launch.

Please review these excerpts from the Harvard Crimson coverage:

Nelson and Wittels’ remarks were followed by a presentation of letters  from “The Secret Court of 1920” by Lowell House co-Masters Dorothy A. Austin and Diana L. Eck. The “Secret Court”—uncovered by a Crimson editor in 2002—expelled seven Harvard students and affiliates for perceived homosexuality.

Austin and Eck—who read from correspondence between a condemned student, his mother, and the deans—said they wanted to remind attendees of Harvard’s history with the BGLTQ community and how far the University has come.

“As we talk about gay and lesbian students and teachers in the university, this is a sobering moment to remember that time. It was only 90 years ago,” Eck said.

Their Day in the Yard appreciates that they raised awareness of the Court’s terrible actions, but we believe that the University has not come far enough.  The victims of the Secret Court have been disgraced for over 90 years and still do not have a Harvard degree–this is wrong.  This is not comforting. Please join the 13,000+ people who are seeking justice for these students.  Please sign our petition here: